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Why you think your policies will help the Louisville community?

From my perspective, it’s not so much policy or even understanding what the community wants. Community priorities are loud and clear in Louisville.  The real issue we face is the willingness of the City Council to act, to use all the tools at their disposal to implement the policies that the Louisville Community wants to see. 


Over the past decade or so, the council has been far too acquiescent to developers. They haven’t required adequate public infrastructure be built to service these developments. This includes providing safe routes to school for children living within walking distance of BVSD schools, or over or underpasses to provide adequate and safe community connectivity.  They also haven’t required developers to complete retail buildouts that were promised as part of residential development approval. The Louisville City Council is currently evaluating a massive commercial development proposal on what was the old StorageTek facility which many residents oppose on the basis of its scale, its limited commitment to forward thinking sustainability, and the absurdity of creating a third industrial park in the city of Louisville when the two we have are underutilized.  


Bottom line – we need courageous elected officials who understand the role of local government is to put the needs of the community ahead of special interests and are willing to use the levers of government to do so. 

Why your experience will make you an effective leader in local government?

My 30-year professional career working for cutting-edge technology companies has been focused on crafting innovative visions and strategies, building collaborative teams, and driving state-of-the-art problem solving. Basically, coming up with creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems and then bringing diverse teams together to effectively implement them. I look forward to applying these skills and this expertise to serving my hometown of Louisville as we face new and increasingly complex challenges.


How will you make a difference on the Louisville City Council?

It is not enough to just talk about sustainability, affordable and accessible housing, expanding our retail tax base, or making sure our kids have safe routes to school.  Members of our City Council claim to agree on these issues. We need leadership that offers creative solutions to these problems and is willing to use all the available levers of local governmental power to implement them. This is where I believe the City Council has fallen short and where I can make a real difference.

How will you address commercial an d retail property vacancy? 

We have lots of unoccupied and underutilized retail and commercial space. Much of it due to the sprawling car-based development along McCaslin Blvd and South Boulder Road. Louisville is going to have to be very proactive about bringing together the community, businesses, property owners, entrepreneurs, and willing developers to reimagine this dated development so we can create 21st live, work, and play, accessible and inclusive neighborhoods.

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