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"I stand behind a voting record that represents the priorities and values of our Louisville community,"

I am proud to have served Louisville for almost two years in what has been one of the most challenging periods in our city’s history. The devastating Marshall Fire occurred just six weeks after I was sworn in. I invite you to review my voting and advocacy record, which I believe reflects the priorities and values of our wonderful community. 

​Community Priorities

  • Secured funding for the Cultural Council to protect the Summer Concerts in the Park

  • Advocating to reduce the 2024 mill levy rate to reduce property tax burden from increased home valuations.

  • Supports Tax Ballot Measure for acquisition, restoration, and protection of Open Space.

  • Supports the Louisville Decarbonization Plan and community sustainability programs.

  • Collaborates with BVSD student groups to address climate change and justice and create a more inclusive, diverse staff, council, and boards and commissions.

  • Ensured Ward 2’s Joe Carnival Park playground was at the top of the Park’s replacement list.

  • Advocate for Safe Routes to School and innovative traffic calming solutions.

  • Advocate for affordable and inclusive housing

  • Advocate for reduction of air, traffic, noise, and lead pollution in Louisville as the representative to the Rocky Mountain Municipal Airport Community Noise Roundtable.

  • Ongoing advocacy for improved quality & quantity of city communications with residents & businesses.

  • Responding to and acting on constituent concerns, including parks and open space land management, community landscaping and urban forestry, equitable pay for summer employees, use tax waivers for all fire victims, and traffic calming measures and safety issues. 


Business Vitality

  • Ensured the 2023 Comprehensive Plan will be actionable by advocating for building and zoning code alignment.  

  • Supports the Concept Plan process to mitigate developer risk while accelerating realization of Comprehensive Plan goals.

  • Advocating to eliminate red tape for businesses to improve outdoor signage.

  • Successfully advocated to include Planning Commission meeting videos in Council Packets for all quasi-judicial land use decisions so Council has access to the complete deliberation process.

  • Advocating for outreach to small retail businesses to leverage the Business Assistance Program for development prioritizing small retail spaces that provide local entrepreneurship opportunities.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Successfully advocated for review and revisions to board and commission recruitment, application, evaluation, and appointment processes to ensure they are equitable and inclusive.

  • Assured equal pay for equal work for summer student hires.

  • Advocated to ensure all city programs are assessed for low- and moderate-income resident impact.

  • Had antiquated and discriminatory language removed from city codes.

  • Championed the integration of EDI across the entire city government.

Marshall Fire Recovery

  • Successfully advocated to extend Marshal Fire Recovery tax credits, waivers, and other benefits to any Boulder County resident that lost a home and purchased a Louisville lot from another fire victim. Emergency ordinance passed 7 - 0. 

  • Voted for up to $6M of foundation, sidewalk, and driveway debris removal.

  • Voted for additional planning, building, and emergency management and response staff.

  • Voted to streamline planning and permitting processes.

  • Voted to issue automatic 10% size variance and fence waivers.

  • Voted for 100% use tax waivers regardless of size for those buildings to 2021 code.

  • Voted with the 4 - 3 majority to waive fire sprinkler requirements for those rebuilding.

  • Advocated for use tax relief to ALL fire impacted residents - including those with smoke damage.

  • Advocated for regenerative agriculture (goats) to sustainably address wildfire fuel mitigation.

  • Requested the 2023 Marshall Fire recovery update that was presented to Council in June 2023.

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