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I have never been satisfied with the status quo and I've never been afraid to speak out when I see inequity, injustice, inefficiency, or just a better way to get things done. 


I moved to Louisville in 2006, with my then 15-month old daughter, to give her a home in a safe, friendly neighborhood with great local schools and access to lots of open space.  Over the past 15 years, I've seen our town grow and change in wonderful ways. And, I've also seen opportunities where I think we can do better. I believe Louisville is at its best when we move forward based on clearly expressed community priorities. I also believe local elected officials have an obligation to reflect the will of their constituents and I promise to do just that. 

I have more than 30-years of experience in Strategic Marketing and Business Development in emerging technology markets. I've had the privilege of working across five continents in roles from individual contributor to Executive leadership with early stage start-ups, Fortune 500's, and every size company in between. In a career steeped in innovation, I've successfully guided companies as they've developed new products and forged new markets based on a range of cutting-edge technologies. 


I'm a graduate of the University of California San Diego with a degree in Math-Computer Science and a right brain penchant for painting and poetry. My most recent gig, as the founder of my own strategic consultancy, has led me to become an internationally  recognized industry thought leader and sought after market analyst in the digital identity marketplace. In previous lives, I founded my own upscale retail business in a community not unlike Louisville, spent a season working as a GO (customer relations staff member) at Club Med in the Bahamas, backpacked around the world for a year, and became a single mother by choice at 44 - the best decision I ever made and the one that brought me to Louisville. 

I believe my unique life journey has given me valuable perspective that I am excited to bring to the City Council.  My collaborative team building skills and expertise in innovative problem solving will serve the community well as we face new and more complex challenges.  And, while I do have ideas about what I think would make Louisville an even better place to live, I will remain committed to policies and positions that represent the community's vision and values as a whole -- not special interests or the privileged few, but the actual will of the people of our amazing little town. 

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